Oxford Boathouse Rules



  • The same code of conduct for Prince William County schools will be required of all rowers along with the rules listed below specific to rowing at Lake Ridge Park.
  • Rowers are to be dropped off and picked up in the upper parking lot. Parents MAY NOT drop off or pick up rowers at the boathouse parking lot.  Exception – rowers may be picked up in the lower parking lot if there is thunder/lightning in the area.  Rain without lightning is not an excuse to pick up rowers in the lower lot.
  • Rowers must walk down the crew path by following the sign in the upper parking lot. If rowers walk alongside the road, they must walk in single file and stay to the side and off of hardened surfaces.
  • All drivers in the park must adhere to the 25MPH speed limit. Park rangers do have the authority to issue citations and ban individual drivers from the park if there is a violation.
  • Foul language will not be tolerated by anyone in the park. Remember this is a public park and there may be young children around.
  • Trash and recyclables are to be deposited in one of the many trash cans or recycling bins throughout the park.

Oxford Boathouse, Lake Ridge Marina, Woodbridge, VA