2021 Fall Competitive Program

ELIGIBILITY   For experienced rowers who have completed one of the following: at least one scholastic spring season or fall PWC season.  All rowers attending the Fall PWC Rowing Program will race in three local 5K head races: the Occoquan Challenge, Occoquan Chase, and the Head of the Occoquan.   Select rowers will attend the Head of the Schuylkill to be determined by Coaches. 

  • Fall Regattas take place on Sundays.  Those not able to make the commitment to Participating in Regattas or training program should register for PWC Fall Development Program.
  • A Swim Test Certificate on file either with the school team or PWC and a current (within the past 12 months) sports physical are required.

OBJECTIVE  The development of on-water rowing skills, fitness, and resilience through competition, all necessary for high end rowing.

  • PWC’s Fall Competitive Program places an emphasis on continued development of technique in all rowers along with providing the opportunity for competitive racing.  Initial boat placements will be based on evaluations on the erg and on-water as needed.
  • The top two men’s and women’s boats will be expected to participate in all regattas including one away regatta at the Head of the Schuylkill.  Lower boats will compete locally at coach’s discretion.

EVALUATION DAYS: 23 & 24 August, 4:00 to 6:00 PM at the Oxford Boathouse in Woodbridge

  •  COXSWAINS:  Written and audio test submissions. The written test will occur on 23 and 24 August. The audio submissions will be turned in at the time of the written test.
  • ROWERS: All experienced rowers interested in participating in PWC’s fall Competitive Team will be evaluated on 23 and 24 Aug
  • EVALUATION: Includes a 5K test on the erg.
  • Rowers will be placed in A to E boats (Initial rankings will be based on the evaluation criteria. Continued evaluations will be based on “on water” observation).
  • During the fall season, rowers who desire to move from their current boat, may request a seat race for a new boat position.
  • DATES:  23 August to 4 November
  • DEADLINE:  Closes at midnight on 20 August
  • TIME:  4:00 to 6:00 PM (with ability to flex)
  • DAYS:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • COST:  $525
  • Two payments:  First Payment ($267.50); then 13 September for second payment ($267.50) before transaction fees.
A uniform is required for all competitive rowers.
The uniform package includes:
  • Uni-suit
  • Tech Shirt
  • Team Hat
  • T-shirt

REGATTAS:  The competitive select boats (upper boats) are expected to compete in all regattas below. At the coaches’ discretion, competitive boats (lower boats) will compete in the head races on the Occoquan Reservoir.

• Occoquan Challenge – 10 Oct
• Occoquan Chase—17 Oct
• Head of the Schuylkill—31 Oct (Competitive Select Boats only, additional fee for bus and boat registration)
• Head of the Occoquan—6 & 7 Nov

To register, go to  2021 PWC Competitive Program  

Oxford Boathouse, Lake Ridge Marina, Woodbridge, VA