What to Bring

  • Water—you must stay hydrated!! Bring a labeled reusable water bottle with you to  all practices.
  • Layers—athletic clothes that fit snugly and comfortably. Loose clothing can get caught in the seat tracks and get torn or marked with grease.
  • Hats/visors, sunglasses, sunscreen.
  • Inhalers or other medical items:   A rower, who requires an inhaler, must have the inhaler with them at all times.  If the rower cannot show the inhaler at practice, the rower will be excused from practice until an inhaler is presented.    You will not be able to row without an inhaler on hand if asthma is in your medical records.
  • Old socks and shoes—shoes are taken off before getting on the boat and feet go into shoes that are mounted in the boat. You MUST wear socks.
  • Dress for the weather— if the weather forecasts rain or cold temperatures, wear items—like your team jacket, that will assist you in keeping dry and warm. Heavy jackets will not work.  Loose or bulky clothing can interfere with rowing.  Hats are recommended: knit for cold weather and ball cap for warm.  Plan for the temperature at the boathouse to be sometimes as much as 10⁰ colder on the water than on land or at your home. 
  • Extra clothes—it is a good idea to bring extra clothes to change into should the boat flip or flood. Extra socks help keep feet dry and the body warmer.
  • No swimsuits or jewelry are allowed. They can be a safety risk.  No swimming is allowed in the Occoquan.

Oxford Boathouse, Lake Ridge Marina, Woodbridge, VA